Skype, Facebook and Microsoft: What This Means for VoIP

Skype is the world’s most popular VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol and Video Over Internet Protocol) application. It has grown in 10 years to have over 600 million users. Recently, Skype and Facebook have integrated services. This is the first time we have seen a VOIP service and application become a part of social media.… Read More »

Tips to Keep in Mind When Adding Video Blogs to your Website

With websites increasingly turning to interactive media, users flocking to sites like Netflix and Hulu, and advertisers turning their attention to online multimedia ads, it comes as little surprise that a growing number of bloggers are choosing to add video posts to their websites. There are many advantages to video posts. They can be made quickly, thereby… Read More »

Build a Lasting SEO Approach

If your business uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to increase its internet presence, you’re not alone. These days, more and more online companies are using SEO Solutions to drive traffic to their website and increase visibility among potential customers. But many managers conduct SEO policies under the constant fear that Google will change its… Read More »

Mobile Video Advertising – What Works and What Doesn’t

We’ve all witnessed it. The sometimes unnecessary distraction we receive when accessing mobile Internet to view our favourite music video and having to sit through a minute and a half of brain washing advertising. Companies are doing their best to avert our attention towards their visual representation of their product or services. Although it’s nothing… Read More »