How to Hook up your HDTV to a Laptop with no HDMI Port

Most of the laptops these days come with an inbuilt HDMI port that none of us really stop to bother how you would connect it in case you don’t have one. Some of the laptops do come out without HDMI for reasons best known to the manufacturers. But they will have a Micro HDMI Port,… Read More »

iOS or Android – Which Platform Owns the Marketplace?

There’s a boom in the smartphone industry sales and revenue. Every year, more people are buying new smartphones. The existing users are upgrading to the newest technology; while the new ones are already getting the latest technology flavor on their first endeavor. Whatever may be the case, every user needs apps to keep their smartphones… Read More »

How To Get Rid Of Flurry Image In The Android’s Smartphone

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Tips To Save Images From Pinterest To The Android’s Phone Gallery

As you have Pinterest app installed on your mobile running Android OS, possibly you have portable access to sharing pictures, reassuring an emotional connection with the brand and producing a virtual pin board of your own advertising inspiration. In any case, if you also have an offline collection of stored Pinterest pictures, however, you are… Read More »